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Mingyu and Seungkwan having an English conversation


"hey two little boy, don’t speak english!"  ”hansol, don’t speak english please!”


hansol deciding to speak in english with a clueless seokmin

Hello! This is Seventeen’s production team. 
It has been a long time since we have greeted you guys. 
During that time Seventeen has been busily preparing for its long anticipated debut.

To show how much Seventeen has improved, and to show you all the confirmed pre- Seventeen members, we are planning to have the LAST SEVENTEEN TV broadcast on July 11th, 2014. 
The first episode will start out with a mid-summer night’s outdoor performance, and you guys are also invited! 
You can find the sign up instructions below. Much participation will be appreciated. 
(As always the broadcast will be streamed live on Ustream Seventeen TV and the anticipated broadcast time will be about an hour)

See you guys on July 11th!!!! ^^

Thank you.  

[Sign-up instructions] 

Sign-up time: July 8th from 8:00pm 
(Any mail that is sent in before this time will not be counted) 
Sign-up place: send your name, contact info and your age and send whether you or going to reserve tickets for more than one person. 
Amount that can participate: 50 people will be chosen from the emails that are sent. 
Who will participate:  The chosen participants will be shown on 
July 9th on our Seventeen homepage.

- The concert location may change according to the weather. 
- No one other than the chosen participants will be able to enter. 
- If schedule does not permit some of seventeen members will not be able to participate.

Make sure to reserve the tickets only if you are 100% sure you are able to come.

(If you are chosen and do not attend on the day of the concert you may be at a disadvantage on future events.) 

97double_m: 就算有多么不开心的事,也不管了,先睡一觉再说。so…. 晚安!!!^_^

No matter how sad you feel, just forget it, take a long rest first. so…. Goodnight!! ^_^

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